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A home desiring custom touches of pillars and arches which are easily accomplished with the easy shaping of A.A.C block. 

Three Rivers Humane Society, Madras Oregon, 2017.

Pictured left is a photo prior to roof installation. Middle and right images are of the completed A.A.C. building.

Using A.A.C block in this application became a key roll in noise reduction, which was a major issues the previous facility had faced. The dense construction and makeup of the Aerated Autoclaved Concrete make insulation and noise pollution a thing of the past. Also, for this non-profit, the option for extreme energy efficiency makes day to day costs of running the facility minimal during the hot summer months and cold winter days.

A home built in Sisters, Oregon where a fire proof building was extremely important due to the remote location and dense wooded area. Fires in this area tend to spread extremely fast due to dry climate of the High Desert, A.A.C accompanied with stone, stucco, and masonry roof coverings and/or non-combustible roof coverings eliminate the risk of total loss due to fire, flooding, or other major natural disasters. 

Another custom home beautifully showing the multiple applications of A.A.C to achieve virtually any design style of your dreams.

Pictured here is an indoor grow facility located in Central Oregon. Built in 2015, this facility currently operates as a cannabis farm and has seen benefits such as sustainable and closed off environment (air-tight), energy efficiency while running heating and cooling equipment, and free of foreign organic materials curtesy of the inert composition of the A.A.C. block and other sustainable building materials.

Residential home in Brookings, Oregon. Project completed Summer 2016.

The area for which this home was build is known for heavy rains, moss, and wind. Using AAC for the construction eliminated drafts, foreign organic material growth and water damage that wood can incur. 

aac block

from concept to completion

The Duke Project Bend Oregon. Still under construction as of 11/10/18.

Residential shop constructed of A.A.C. and standard wood trusses. This application becomes cost effective for it's simplicity

in finishes and fire ratings.